I installed the StyleVue app, Now what?
As soon as you install the StyleVue app, pls fill the onboarding form that you see pop-up or else click here to access the onboarding form.
Once we receive your onboarding request, We connect with you to get your product feed. The product feed typically consists of the categories and the associated size charts on your website.
Once we receive the product feed, our systems begin mapping your feed to our database, so that it can be connected to StyleVue’s recommendation engine.
How long does it take to implement?

Shopify retailers can get StyleVue button live in their stores in less than five minutes! Fit recommendations will start showing 24 hours after the category and size chart information is shared with us.

Do I need a back-end Developer?

Absolutely No! Installing StyleVue on Shopify stores is a breeze. It only requires a user with permission to install new applications.

Are there any other applications I need to use the StyleVue Shopify App?


Is there a best practice setup or placement for the StyleVue button on the PDP?

Yes! We’ve AB-tested across our network and found that the highest click-through rates resulted when the StyleVue button was placed above the size selector. However, stores have flexibility to position the button anywhere on the PDP.

Where can I find a count of my Shopify Product Detail Page page views to enter into the signup?

Product Detail Page Pageviews can generally be found in any analytics tool outside of Shopify. In Google Analytics 4, they can be found under Monetization > Ecommerce Purchases as the sum of Items Viewed.

Why do I need to enter my addressable Product Detail Pageviews?

Our APIs responds every time a shopper visits a footwear or apparel PDPs. Our charges are based on page views as a proxy for recommendations served.