StyleVue Functionality

What types of size & fit recommendations does StyleVue make?

StyleVue provides two types of fit recommendations designed to help different kinds types of shoppers on your site.

  1. StyleVue provides 1:1 size recommendations personalized to each shopper. Shoppers complete a brief survey by sharing basic details such as height, weight, age, etc., and initiate a registration process that establishes an individualized shopper profile. This profile accompanies them throughout their site experience, providing personalized fit recommendations on every product detail page (PDP) they explore.
  2. StyleVue also provides 1:1 fit guidance personalized to each shopper.  Enabled by our proprietary AI algorithm, StyleVue quickly and easily determine how a particular product will fit the shopper. Our fit guidance is meticulously crafted, drawing from hundreds of product data points and continuously refined based on shopper purchases.
For what categories does StyleVue provide recommendations?

We have the broadest category coverage of any fit solution. StyleVue can give a size and fit recommendation on footwear and apparel. Categories include Menswear, Womenswear, Kidswear, Unisex, Footwear, Intimates, and Swimwear.

How long will it take to have StyleVue make a recommendation on every applicable PDP?

Once you have successfully installed StyleVue and synchronized your product catalog, StyleVue will instantly populate on your eligible PDPs over the next couple of hours.

I already know a certain style runs large, small, etc. What’s the best way for me to get that information into the algorithm/recommendation?

Although our AI refines as shoppers browse and buy, you know your products best! Email [email protected] with the category details and run details. We can manually adjust the starting point of our algorithms to account for the category-level distinction you provide and use it as a baseline for all recommendations.