At StyleVue, we’re dedicated to enhancing the shopping experience of apparel and footwear for our consumers.

We empower retailers by solving the complexities of fit and size, connecting shoppers with products that’s truly meant for them.

StyleVue stands as a testament to the vast wealth of data in the footwear and apparel industry, uniting brands, styles, and shoppers. We excel in offering best in class fit recommendations, merging social input, general guidelines, and personalized insights into a seamless and unified shopping journey.

Our mission is to boost shopper confidence and foster loyalty, making every shopping experience a delight.

Our Vision

Fashion is not same as books. What worked for books in e-commerce does not work for fashion.

While buying clothes, shoes etc factors such as fit of the product, how it looks on the body after wearing or ability to compare with what customers already own are pivotal.

We want to reimagine how fashion is sold online by leaning on our AI/ML capabilities. We want to put the product front and centre so that brands don’t struggle to retain customers and customers can shop without any guesswork

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